New Years Eve Lingerie


Loving these new pieces from Journelle. Whether you are feeling playful or sexy, these pieces are the perfect way to start the new year!

1. Mimi Holliday Macaroon Set: $150
2. Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk Set: $350
3. Eberjey Ruby Teddy: $76
4. Samantha Chang French Leavers Lace Set: $172

New Years Eve


If you are going to be like me this year and are ringing in the new year at a friends house- then I am sure you have started making your appetizers and cocktails list. I can't even explain how excited I am to be spending the night in a warm, none crowded location where I can just get up and grab a drink rather than wait at a crowded bar with an expensive ticket fee. 

So- with that being said, what is on your beverage and appetizers list? 

Here's mine:

A bottle of champagne (a given, I'm sure)
2 bottles of Voga Pinot Grigio
Piggies in a blanket (these, actually!)
Cheesy spinach, artichoke and crab dip (check out this recipe)
And possibly some bruschetta. 

Sounds like a tasty way to hello to 2012, don't you think??



Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! It is definitely feeling like winter here in NJ and I feel like the snow is around the corner right along with the New Year. 

2012 is going to be amazing. There are so many great things on the horizon (personally and professionally) that I am eagerly awaiting. Are any of you getting married this year? Did a few of you maybe get engaged over the holiday weekend? 
What are you all looking forward to this New Year?

Merry Christmas!!


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Merry Christmas all!! Hope everyone has an amazing day!!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 25

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It's Christmas morning! Let him sleep in, and when he wakes- greet him with a gift...
 yourself, topped with a bow. =)
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 24


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It's Christmas Eve. Instead of leaving a list of all the things you'd love to have this year, why not leave a list of all the things you about him this year. And don't forget the milk and his favorite cookies!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 23


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You have officially finished Christmas shopping and are ready to relax and enjoy the next few days. Turn up the holiday jazz, break out the wine and let's see your moves... just like in the movies. 

Holiday Engagement Photo Shoot

I was talking with my girlfriend over lunch the other day about her upcoming September wedding when we got to talking about engagement photos. She said she wanted to wait to take them until the weather was a bit warmer (understandable). But of course my brain gets going about sessions that can be fun during the colder months... and voila! I came across this adorable winter photo shoot by Steven Michael.  

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 22


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Give back to the community and donate. Lots of companies and organizations host warm coat drives this cold time of year. Dig through your closets and see what you've got. Christmas is about giving after all, and it doesn't have to mean just to each other. 

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 21


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Start a new tradition!! Maybe that tradition is hosting a party on Christmas Eve, or maybe it's laying in bed and watching a movie on Christmas morning before getting up for presents. Whatever it may be, make it something you both (and your family one day) will enjoy and look forward to every year. 

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 20


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Go out and buy a real tree...for the bedroom! There is nothing better than waking up and falling asleep to the smell of Christmas pine while being next to the person you love!

The Three D's Of Holiday Eating

I was reading through (as per usual) and came across this spot on article about the 3 D's of holiday eating. Dips, Drinks, and Desserts. If your looking to keep to your bridal diet during the holidays, here are some the healthier choices that are still delicious! 

Don't forget to read here on what to stay away from this holiday season!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 19


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Bake gingerbread men!! Half the fun of baking these little guys is dressing them up. Host your own little contest and watch how festive he'll get when it's a competition! 

Date Night, Rolfs NYC

Please pardon the iPhone photos, but I needed to share this amazing restaurant! If you haven't heard of Rolfs German Restaurant- then you need to look it up. This is a date night must during the holiday months. Ryan and I enjoyed some pricey (but totally delicious) German brews and appetizers while listening to some of my Christmas favorites. The decorations are simply amazing and the entire room is filled with Christmas spirit (literally!) We had an amazing time and will certainly be going back next year!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 18


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After the long week, (and looking at the long week ahead of you!) book yourself a couples massage. Relax and enjoy before Christmas week ensue's!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 17


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Host a holiday party for all of your closest friends! Let loose and enjoy the spiked punch, yummy finger foods and company of your best pals. Also, being able to spend sometime apart from each other at the party and admiring from a far will certainly make the heart grow founder. Watch and see. 

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 16


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Have a holiday photo shoot! Cover yourself in Christmas lights, grab your Santa hats, sit by the tree, whatever suits your fancy. Having fun pictures of the two of you during the holidays will bring back the great memories you created this time of year for years to come. 

Christmas Eve Goodies


As I was searching for something yummy to bake and bring with me on Christmas Eve to Ryan's family party, I came across this amazing recipe for cappuccino brownies. I brought a nice bottle of wine dressed up in a cute Pottery Barn carrying case last year, and I figured something sweet was the way to go this year! 

What tasty desserts are baking for Christmas Eve this year?

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 15

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Spread out the holiday cheer this year and exchange a gift early! It can be like your own little  Christmas Night, just the two of you.

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 14


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Enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast together. Cafe au lait, waffles, and some light Christmas music by the tree will give you both a perfect start to the day! 

Holiday Party Appetizers


I saw this recipe for Mini Crab Cakes on Bon Appetit, and needed to share. Crispy and delicious bites served with a blender hollandaise sauce. Tasty and delicious, wouldn't you agree? 

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 13

Take a trip into New York City. It is hands down the best place to be during the holidays. Enjoy a drink at Rolfs (they have the most amazing holiday decorations!), then take in the 6th Ave views- Herald Square, Bryant Park, and of course, Rockefeller Center. 

Check out our instagram (@ErinAx) for more great NYC photos!

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 12


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After a homemade meal by the fire, enjoy a peppermint latte with a side of candy cane for dessert. They are the best flavors of the season! 

A Holiday Season Made For Two, Day 11


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After a crazy shopping filled Saturday, spend the day admiring your Christmas decorations, wrapping your gifts and watching the classics:  The Grinch, Frostie, Rudolph and Charlie Brown. Be sure to save Home Alone and Elf for after dinner laughs!

Holiday Party Appetizers


Everyone knows that a good appetizer selection is just as important as a good drink selection at a holiday party. You can never go wrong with homemade pigs in a blanket. These go like hot cakes and I love that they are one little bite. 

What are some of your favorite holiday party appetizers? 

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 10

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Make a day of holiday shopping!! Start your day with a latte (you know he'll need the caffeine to keep up!) and end with dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant. He'll love to know that there's a drink at the end of the very long shopping tunnel.  

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 9


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After a long day of work (and even busier weekend!) spend the night in bringing out your inner child. Turn on the Christmas music and break out the the blankets, board games, and tasty beverages.  Remembering and sharing some of your favorite holiday memories will certainly make your spirits bright!

Holiday Party Cocktails

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I love this time of year just for the holiday parties alone. If your planning on having a holiday party this year with some of your closest pals, be sure to greet them with a champagne cocktail! 

How about Chambord and Champagne? Delicious, easy, and can be topped with a variety of different garnishes! 

A Holiday Season For Two, Day 8


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Lace up your skates and go ice skating! Burn off those cookies you ate for lunch and have some laughs. 

Erin Hearts Court, California Wedding

I can honestly say that I have no words. This photos are nothing short of perfection. Dear Erin Hearts Court, how often are you on the East Coast? =)