Mr. Boddington's Studio


I just adore Mr. Boddington's Studio. The look of their stationery is so unique and lovely. And you can mix and match 4 of your favorite cards and order online for $20. The question is, which 4 to choose?! 

Jim Hjelm Couture


Jim Hjelm is one of my favorite designers (as you can see here). I love lacey, curve hugging dresses, and his designs embody everything I adore. This dress was my favorite from his 2011 Blush collection.

Simply Bloom...


{photo via Simply Bloom}

I absolutely adore this picture. Anything that has to do with pine cones is ok in my book. Plus the wintry white of her dress is perfection.

Rustic Chic Wedding


Thoughts of a rustic chic wedding were swirling around in my head all weekend. What do we think of this for starters?

{photo found here}

Saja Bridesmaid



Details Details...

Details Details Wedding and Event Planning is one of my all time favorite wedding design companies. They have not produced 1 single event that I did not absolutely love.



Of a vacation. In dire need of some rest and relaxation under the sun...

Your Engaged: Valentine's Day


So this is your first Valentines Day as an engaged couple! There are a million thoughts swirling through your head on how to make it the perfect day and forget your wedding planning stresses. Don't worry- we'll help make sure that the day goes flawlessly for everyone.

1. Gentlemen- there is no better way to start the day than with flowers. A dozen roses (or whatever her favorite flower may be!) will certainly ensure a wonderful mood for the entire day right off the bat.

{photo of peonies found here}

2. Looking to spoil her a bit this Valentines Day? How about sending her to the spa? Or if your up for it, why don't you both go? It is a great way to take the time you have, sip some bubbly, and just relax. Again, we are setting the mood here folks.

{photo of Guerlain Spa found here}

3. Ladies- what is the way to a man's heart? Through. his. stomach! A lot of woman think that Valentine's Day is solely the woman's hallmark holiday. Guess what. Men deserve some lovin' and surprises too! How about giving him his favorite cupcakes? He'll love it.

 {photo found here}

4. And so comes the dinner reservation (which I hope you made in advance!). Do you both have a favorite spot that you absolutely love eating at? Or maybe she (or he!) has mentioned this really quaint and romantic little bistro in the city they would love to try? Make the reservation early- and don't forget to ask about their menu! A lot of restaurants alter their menu for Valentine's Day. So make sure you are aware of what, if any, changes there are. (Bad food equals bad mood).

5. After dinner, you have the rest of the evening to do as you please. Whether you are spending the night out, or just staying in, here are the essential on hand elements for the rest evening:

-A bottle of champagne.
-More desserts, just enough to put you into a chocolate coma.
-That cute little negligee that you have been starving yourself over.
- A cute and romantic movie that makes you grin from ear to ear.


Bridesmaid dresses


I absolutely love this elizabeth messina photo. The dresses, the setting- everything. Amazing. And I would just love to know, who makes those dresses?! I adore the color of the dress on the fence to the left.

Wedding Night Lingerie!


Here is a preview of our favorite Journelle lingerie for your wedding night.

Eberjey Anouk Teddy

Julianne Samantha Camisole

Julianne Maria Shorts

Undrest Classic Cashmere Baby Rib Babydoll
Fred and Ginger Bridal Negligee

Keep Warm!

{photo via style me pretty}

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, during certain months- having blankets or pashmina's is such a wonderful idea. Without fail, someone will be cold. It is always nice to give the option to warm up with a cozy blanket.

Table Top Love


I absolutely adore this table top designed by Details Details. White flowers are a weakness of mine. And the lighting is just. perfect.

Wedding Detail: Napkin Rings

{photo via style me pretty}

Do you not just love this napkin ring? The color combinations alone are stunning. Everything is photo is just beautiful!

Happy New Year!!


Ok- I know I took longer to get back into the swing of things than promised, but with good reason! On December 29 my beautiful little niece Lilli was born! She is my first niece and I'm sure you can imagine how my thoughts have been swirling around little pink outfits, parties to throw, and other adorable acts of kindness (some people call it spoiling!). But I am back and ready to go. =)

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year (minus the hangover's) and will be back to blogging today (clearly!)

{photo via Kiss the Groom}