Save the Dates


It's a known fact that I'm a sucker for calligraphy. I wish I knew had to do it just for my own personal satisfaction! I mean, look at these save the dates:

how amazing are they!? My dear friend Angi at Angelique, Ink is so talented. Her work is whimsical yet modern and I love it. 

Honeymoon Hot Spot: Viceroy, Anguilla

It's been a while since the last honeymoon post, and what better way to bring it back than with the Viceroy, Anguilla. Their resorts are absolutely amazing!

Wedding Planners at Weddings


I find more often then not that I forget how to be a guest at a wedding. I feel like there is always something I should be doing, and I am constantly analyzing every last detail of the day. Last night I attended a wedding at The Rockleigh in Rockleigh, NJ and I fell in love. The grounds are simply stunning (minus yesterdays ugly weather) and the food was yummy! It was nice to relax with friends and enjoy the day!

Kelima K Visit


{photo via facebook}

I was given the pleasure of attending an event at the showroom of the so very talented Kelima K. I was so excited to meet her because her dresses are not only stunning, but Kelima herself is just an absolute peach. Her dresses are detailed, yet simple, and really allow for the bride to wear the dress, and not the other way around.  

My date for the evening (hi Ash!) and I were greeted with yummy champagne cocktails at the door, while delicious hors d'oeuvres were passed around the room. We were able to mingle with brides, other wedding vendors, and enjoyed amazing arm massages by fresh (I still need go out and buy the Rose Marigold Floral Water, it was so refreshing!)

Kelima and her team of delightful young ladies were so friendly and a pleasure to meet. I hope to see you all again very soon!

Busy Little Bee!


Love is in the air here in NJ! I have had friends (yes, plural!) get engaged, client weddings, styled wedding shoots, engagement shoots, parties and birthdays galore. I am without a doubt so super fortunate to be surrounded by all these amazing people. Here is to more weddings, parties, and celebrations to come (and many more sleepless nights fueled by lattes and emails!).

Engagement Tip #2


Assemble a rough draft guest ASAP. A lot of your initial wedding decisions will stem from that number!

Honeymoon Packing, Part 4!

1. Elizabeth and James Maxi Dress: $365
2. Nude Cornelli Embroidered Top: $60
3. Essie Naked Truth: $8
4. Zinke The Catalina Lingerie Set: $92
5. MOTO White Skinny Jeans: $50
6. Michael Kors Leather Clutch: $250
7. Juicy Couture Earrings: $58
8. Sam Edelman Gigi Sandal: $60

Perfect for North Island!

Engagement Tip #1


Relax!! Don't go into extreme over drive just yet. Simply just enjoy being engaged.

Honeymoon Hot Spot: North Island, Seychelles


Ahhh. Gorgeous North Island, Seychelles. How amazing is this absolutely breath taking destination? I would say it is well worth the nearly $3000 a night investment. This is one of those places that you need to visit once in your life. Why not now?