Welcome To Miami!


Welcome to Miami!! Words cannot even describe how excited I was to go. A vacation was so. extremely. necessary.


 With the sand at my feet and a drink in my hand, I was in pure bliss. It was hot but bearable, and the clouds moved quickly. It was so relaxing. And entertaining. You sure do come across some characters! But I guess anyone who isn't from New York and goes to visit thinks the same thing!

My girlfriends and I were so pumped to go and visit DASH Miami. This store is owned by the Kardashians (small obsession) and is the focus of the show Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. Even though it was reported that Kim was in Miami for the Dolphins Jets game, we didn't see her. Slightly bummed. But, the store was small and didn't have to much to see. There wasn't much of anything on the racks. Nonetheless it was fun to visit!

Be thankful that I only decided to post this picture. I may have taken 48 photos of just the palm trees. They are my favorite.

 These adorable (and expensive, $20!) huts lined the beach in front of our resort. It really added that little bit extra.

The water. I haven't gone swimming in the ocean in years. Whenever I go to the Jersey Shore I either a. think it's too cold, b. think it looks dirty, or c. can't find a place to swim where I wont get trampled. So when we got there and I saw that I could walk in and not run in the other direction made my day.

The view was perfect and so was my time there. Couldn't have asked for anything more!

Packing 101


I have never looked at packing my suitcase right before a trip to be a chore. But that's only because I usually take my entire closet and throw it in my suitcase. =)

{photo by Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D found here}

What I usually do is find every last element that I love and pack it. Whether I know I need it or not. I always feel like I need to have options. And then next thing you know I have 2 full suitcases and a filled to the brim carry on. For a 4 day trip. 

So I go back and reevaluate. "Do I need this?" "Will I really wear this?". I ended up emptying an entire suitcase. I returned to the basics. The trick is to be realistic about what you think you will wear, and what you know you will wear. Put together entire outfits. More options equal more luggage, and more stress.

I am so excited to be leaving for a girls weekend in Miami. Here is what I ended up packing:

- Bathing Suits. I pack 1 for each day.
- Beach Cover Ups. I bring my two favorites.
- Flip Flops. I bring my absolute favorite gold flip flops that I can wear with anything.
- Dresses. Since I know we are going to be eating out, I pack 3 dresses (1 for each night) and coordinate the shoes and accessories that go with anything.
- Casual. I always bring a pair of shorts and jeans, and also tank for each afternoon we are out on the town.

Then comes along the make up, toiletries, undergarments and I call it a day.

My carry on I managed to pack my wallet, my notebook, blackberry and charger, ipod, camera, sunglasses, and any books and magazines. AND I have room to spare for the shopping that I will be doing.

Packing shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun!! The best time is the time leading up to the trip! Start your trip out right with packing your suitcase realistically with what you know you need and what you know you will wear.

Decisions, Decisions!


Here at EAE we are brainstorming some fabulous ideas for our June couple Ashley and Keith. All I could think about today was which bakeries we are going to visit in NYC for an added treat for the guests. Which one looks best to you? Click on each logo to check it out!

Crystal Springs


I was so excited to go on this site visit to Crystal Springs with my June 2011 bride Ashley. I had heard such wonderful things about the grounds and I could not wait to see it for myself.

I was eager to get there. Maybe a little to eager. I ended up driving a wee bit too far. And when I mean a wee bit, I mean10 miles. Once I hit the cows, goats and horses I knew it was about time to turn around.

When I finally arrived, I was so excited. Ashley and her Mom showed me the entire place, and I just. loved. where the ceremony is going to be taking place. The pond, the mountains in the background, the landscape. It was amazing.

Then we came across:

It's official. I'm in love. The only thing I did not get a photo of was the indoor pool and enormous water slide. So fun!

Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better,

Ahh. What a great way to end the trip. So excited for June 4, 2011!

Apple Picking


Ahhh. Apple picking. I haven't done this in ages. I was so excited to see that we had a beautiful Sunday to go out and do this. The orchard we went to (Melicks) is enormous and beautiful. Unfortunately, I was in the completely wrong attire. Flip flops and apple picking do not go together.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to see pumpkins as well! Pumpkins are quiet possibly my favorite fall element. But we decided to stick to the apples and make a separate trip for the pumpkins in October. Any reason to go back is a good reason!

Can't wait to go back!



Honeymoon Hotspot: Cabo Azul- Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico. A place I think that everyone in the world has been to at some point in their life other than me. I have always wanted to travel here. If and when I go, this is where I will be staying. Cabo Azul in Los Cabos. This place is amazing. The decor, the pool, the spa, the amenities. It looks amazing.
The Cabo Azul website has all the information you could ever need. Their FAQ answers any question I would ever have about the resort. If you are looking to travel to Mexico, you need to look here!

Fall Hair Accessories!


I love any kind of head band no matter what the occasion or season. Bethany of Bethany Lorelle makes fabulous pieces for everyday and special occasions.

Her pieces have been featured in Elle Magazine in 2001,  MSP Magazine & MN Monthly 2009 & Luck Magazine Online.

You need to check out her storefront on Etsy and browse through her selection of accessories. The designs are beautiful and so are the prices. You just can't beat that!

Unique Wedding Invitations


I ordered some samples from Lela New York a few months back. I loved her letterpress, thought her design was classy and elegant, and thought that she (Maria) herself was so super sweet. I was so excited to receive the samples, and when I did- I was raving about them. My favorite being this trifold invitation with a post card RSVP. LOVE!

Kate Spade Paper


I love Kate Spade Papers. Their note cards are so stinkin cute.

 Writing and receiving hand written letters (other than the post it notes you receive from your coworkers) need to be a bigger part of everyday life. Yes receiving email and texts are great (and faster, obviously) but nothing beats a hand written letter. Period.   

The Tickled Pink card is something that I think won't ever get old. It's girly and perfect.  

Kate Spade read my mind. They must have saw my peony post last week! =)

I love post cards, and these are wonderful.

Fall is in the air!

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Fall is my favorite season. It's football, Halloween, pumpkins, and not to mention- my birthday! This weekend was everything I needed after a long week. Yesterday started out with Starbucks, chocolate chip pancakes, football, and these new magazine's. To be honest- I didn't even know that was Martha on the cover when I bought it. I didn't realize until they showed her getting her makeup done on the inside!

This magazine had a ton of cool decorating and costume ideas and fun Halloween recipes.

This soup in the pumpkin idea was so cute. Anything that has to do with pumpkins is ok in my book! But there were a ton of really great fall recipes in this magazine!

Finally the weekend...


It has been one of those weeks. I am so very looking forward to a weekend of full of football. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

{photo found here}