Favorite Places: Downtown Ridgewood


Downtown Ridgewood is one of my favorite places to go any day of the week. There are a ton of perfect little eateries (indoor and outdoor), cute boutiques (a bit more expensive than I can afford, but I'll look!), and of course my favorites Starbucks and Crumbs. Yesterday's weather was perfection, and it was an ideal time to just walk around, grab a coffee, and see all the new shops opening up!

After I walked the strip, I decided to head towards the duck pond that was just down the street. In all of my years of living just 10 minutes away, I had never been there before! I was in awe when I got there. The pond is beautiful, and it is the best place for families to have a picnic, take a bike ride, go fishing, or walk your dog (or take to the dog park in the back!)

Did I mention that there was a Ice Cream Truck parked there? People must have thought I was crazy when they saw how excited I got. 1 screwball for me please!

It was the best afternoon that I have had in a long time. If a certain someone *eh hem* wasn't sleeping, I maybe would have done a little fishing. But it's ok, maybe (...definitely) next time. =)

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