Packing 101


I have never looked at packing my suitcase right before a trip to be a chore. But that's only because I usually take my entire closet and throw it in my suitcase. =)

{photo by Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D found here}

What I usually do is find every last element that I love and pack it. Whether I know I need it or not. I always feel like I need to have options. And then next thing you know I have 2 full suitcases and a filled to the brim carry on. For a 4 day trip. 

So I go back and reevaluate. "Do I need this?" "Will I really wear this?". I ended up emptying an entire suitcase. I returned to the basics. The trick is to be realistic about what you think you will wear, and what you know you will wear. Put together entire outfits. More options equal more luggage, and more stress.

I am so excited to be leaving for a girls weekend in Miami. Here is what I ended up packing:

- Bathing Suits. I pack 1 for each day.
- Beach Cover Ups. I bring my two favorites.
- Flip Flops. I bring my absolute favorite gold flip flops that I can wear with anything.
- Dresses. Since I know we are going to be eating out, I pack 3 dresses (1 for each night) and coordinate the shoes and accessories that go with anything.
- Casual. I always bring a pair of shorts and jeans, and also tank for each afternoon we are out on the town.

Then comes along the make up, toiletries, undergarments and I call it a day.

My carry on I managed to pack my wallet, my notebook, blackberry and charger, ipod, camera, sunglasses, and any books and magazines. AND I have room to spare for the shopping that I will be doing.

Packing shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun!! The best time is the time leading up to the trip! Start your trip out right with packing your suitcase realistically with what you know you need and what you know you will wear.

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I pack the same way!

Love Grace.

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