Welcome To Miami!


Welcome to Miami!! Words cannot even describe how excited I was to go. A vacation was so. extremely. necessary.


 With the sand at my feet and a drink in my hand, I was in pure bliss. It was hot but bearable, and the clouds moved quickly. It was so relaxing. And entertaining. You sure do come across some characters! But I guess anyone who isn't from New York and goes to visit thinks the same thing!

My girlfriends and I were so pumped to go and visit DASH Miami. This store is owned by the Kardashians (small obsession) and is the focus of the show Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. Even though it was reported that Kim was in Miami for the Dolphins Jets game, we didn't see her. Slightly bummed. But, the store was small and didn't have to much to see. There wasn't much of anything on the racks. Nonetheless it was fun to visit!

Be thankful that I only decided to post this picture. I may have taken 48 photos of just the palm trees. They are my favorite.

 These adorable (and expensive, $20!) huts lined the beach in front of our resort. It really added that little bit extra.

The water. I haven't gone swimming in the ocean in years. Whenever I go to the Jersey Shore I either a. think it's too cold, b. think it looks dirty, or c. can't find a place to swim where I wont get trampled. So when we got there and I saw that I could walk in and not run in the other direction made my day.

The view was perfect and so was my time there. Couldn't have asked for anything more!

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