Bridesmaid Dresses


In the midst of all the wedding craziness that is my life, I got to think about bridesmaids dresses. There have always been dresses that I've liked, styles that I've loved and colors I've always wished looked good on me. Well, I came across these bridesmaid dresses yesterday that nearly made me fall off my chair. I just loved them and wanted to share. If I knew where each of them were from I would certainly post, but I don't. So for now I will just stare at this photo for hours on end. 

Honeymoon Hot Spot: Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands


I have been eyeing up this resort for months now. I am such a sucker for that crystal clear blue water (I mean, who isn't). The rooms are amazing and the view at night overlooking the water is to die for. Any couple spending their honeymoon here could never go wrong!

Fun Couple Photos


Don't you just adore these photos? Regardless of the fact that this couple is totally adorable, Alice's photos are my fav.or.ite. They are so light and airy and fun and I can just look at them all day long. 

Honeymoon Hot Spot: Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Jamaica

I have a love hate relationship with Jamaica. But Round Hill makes me love it. I haven't come across a Jamaica hotel this beautiful in a long time. And I can already tell these pictures just do not do it justice. 

Oh... and the adirondack chairs in the pool? Could you not see you and your new hubby sitting in those, relaxing as newlyweds? I could!

Matt and Shannon, September 10


Hand Made Center Pieces

The Barn

The Programs

Before the Reception

The Ceremony

The Reception

I had such an amazing time coordinating Matt and Shannon's wedding day. It was like no other wedding I have ever worked, and it truly was a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to share the photos by Love Me Do Photography!