Alice Gao, NYC Engagement


How cute is this couple? And those tights?! I need to find myself a pair, ASAP. I love when I head over to Alice's blog and I find myself adorable couples shoots (like this one!). Her photos are so beautiful. They are the perfect blend of modern and classic.

You have to head over to Alice's blog to see more gorgeous photos from this day. My favorite photo from the shoot is there, can you pick out which one? =)

Date Night: Agave Tequila Bar and Southwestern Restaurant


The ambiance in this place alone makes it a great date night destination. Not to mention- their a tequila bar, aka- unbelievably delicious beverages. This is a wonderful place to come to in the summer and sit out on the patio and sip frozen margaritas, or a place you can warm up inside with a romantic candle lit dinner. All sound delightfully inviting, if you ask me!

Caroline Tran, Engagement Photos


Caroline Tran's photos always manage to have such a youthful and playful feel to them. I love that about her photos (clearly). The couples captured in her images always seem to be having fun, almost as if they don't even realize their in front of the camera. There is something to be said for that! 

Honeymoon Hot Spot: Snowmass Mountain Resort, Colorado


I couldn't help but post a snowy honeymoon destination after hearing today's weather report. They actually said there may be SNOW in this weekends forecast for us NJ folk. Completely uncalled for- yes. But you can bet I'll be stocking up on hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps, just to be safe.

But, snow this weekend or not, The Viceroy Snowmass Mountain Resort looks like a picturesque getaway that any snow bunny would fall in love with. Everything from the crisp white linens, to the chocolate brown throw blankets, to the steaming outdoor pool... it's the perfect place to cuddle up with your new hubby!

Jill Thomas Photography


There is something about Jill Thomas's photography that I just adore. All of her photos seem to be taken at the perfect moment and are just beaming with happiness and light. I can't get enough of her (as you can see here and here). 

Busy City Brides: Ten over Ten Nail Salon


So, you just got engaged. What is the first thing you think of? "Oh my gosh, I have to get my nails done!!" If your anything like me, that would be one of your first engaged to do's. With everyone wanting to look at that shiny new ring of yours, the last thing you want is unpolished nails! 

TenOverTen is a nail salon that I have been dying to try. With gorgeous pedicure window views, and ipad's at manicure stations, how can you go wrong?

photos via vanity fair

Honeymoon Hot Spot: Portrait Suites, Rome


These views are just to die for. I could picture any of my couples sitting right on those comfy couches, oversized glass of wine in hand, taking in all the views and just enjoying their new life.