Another year, in the books


So long 2010! While you were certainly not a boring year, I have had better. This year was filled with plenty of ups, and a ton of downs- but no experience went without learning a lesson.

At this time every year we look back at what happened at the year that's passed.. things we did, things we didn't do, things we wish we did, etc. Due to the snow over the holiday weekend, I have had a little extra time to sit and drown in thought. I realized:
1. There are things in life you have no control over. Unfortunately, you just have to deal with it.

2. Focus on the things you can actually change, and change them.

3. Goals are set to be worked towards, not just written down.

4. If you love what is true, then the world will come to you. (OK, so that's Michael Bublé- but it's still relevant!)

5. Happiness is a choice.

I will be taking a short blogging break until the New Year. Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year filled with love, laughter, and plenty of cocktails. =)


{photo via Lingered Upon}

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot via Style Me Pretty


I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this Kate Spade inspired photo shoot. I am smitten. How perfect are the color combinations? And that little dog? C'mon. How stinkin cute?

{Photos via Style Me Pretty}

Happy Holidays!

Katelyn and Matt's photo shoot was hysterical, thanks to not only the two of them for just being themselves in front of the camera, but to the crazy man with crazy stories. Hopefully more to come from the two of them. =)

Happy Holidays!

Fabulous Photo Shoot!


So excited to share the photos from Sunday! The shoot took place in Ridgewood, NJ with photographer Jamie Vitale. Her photos are stunning (as you can see!) and I couldn't be more excited to work with her! Christine and Chris are just wonderful people and were truly great to work with. Having known Christine I knew she was going to come looking effortlessly chic, but those leg warmers? How perfect! Don't worry Chris, you looked effortlessly chic to. =) They are so super sweet and I couldn't be more thankful!

New Years Cards


This has been my favorite New Years card! Pink and sparkling gold confetti? Amazing!

{photo via Cherre Berry Paper}

Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at what we have been up to lately around here. =) Much more to come! What do you think so far?

Have a great weekend!


We have been a little preoccupied this week, and we apologize for not blogging as much as we should!! But we have a ton of great things planned for this weekend that we can't wait to share with you! Until then, have a super fun weekend!!

{photo via kiss the groom}

Fun Christmas Photos


Holiday weddings are few and far between I feel in this area. But I just LOVE them! I adore the way this couple incorporated the santa hats and white boa into their prop selection for their photobooth. Wouldn't you have loved to have been apart of this?! Too much fun!

{photo via couture colorado}

A California Christmas


I came across these fabulous photos yesterday while reading  my morning Google Reader. Don't these photos just make you green with envy that everyone can't be invited to a gorgeous party like that? Sigh. Hopefully one day! =)

The Host and Producer of the Event was Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR, and contributors were among the best- JL Designs, Canvas and Canopy, Wiley Valentine, and many more. Tremendous job by all, this night looked perfectly detailed and wonderful (and those drinks don't look to bad either!)

Something Borrowed...


When it comes down to it (depending on how picky you are!) finding something that is old, new, borrowed and blue is easier than you think! Something borrowed may just be the simplest (and possibly prettiest!) one to find. When I think of something to borrow, the first thing that comes to mind is:


{photos via Style Me Pretty}

{photo via Stephanie Williams}

Now dont get me wrong! There are so many other options to choose from, but jewelry steals my heart! How gorgeous are these pieces?

Ideal Wedding Setting


I'm sure everyone has had thoughts (whether you are single, engaged, or already married) on your idea of the perfect place to get married. For those of you who are married, maybe it's a place you discovered after you got married. For those of you who are engaged, it may be a place your unable to afford. And then finally, for those of you who are patiently waiting, maybe it's the place you have always dreamed of.  

Here it is.

A night under the stars. The lighting is perfect. It is one of the most important elements to creating the perfect mood. I love the string of lights that dangles above the guests and the up lighting that makes the space feel warm and inviting. This scene is the perfect canvas to making the night whatever you want it to be.

Unfortunately for me, I am cursed with a little thing called: it rains on every big occasion I have ever. had. You name it, and it has rained. High School Graduation, College Graduation, College Graduation Party, 21st Birthday. Rain, Rain, Rain Rain Rain. I fear that if I dare to ever have an outdoor wedding, it will rain.

Until the day comes that I am faced with this decision, I will envision a night that looks like this.

{photo via Style Me Pretty}

Spring Pantone Colors

Ah. Monday. There is no better way to start the week then with a little inspiration from Pantone. Their Spring 2011 colors are fab- but I have chosen my favorite! What do you think? Is there a trend your seeing here? =)

Gorgeous Winter Wedding Venue


{photo found here}

I am in LOVE with this venue!! I am such a porch enthusiast, and the garland and lights just melt my heart. One problem. I don't know where the heck this place is! If anyone knows the name of this venue or where it is located, I would love to know!!

Wedding Detail: DIY Favors!

You would be surprised at how often people lose sleep over their favors. There are so many fabulous options to choose from- so don't sweat it! I always say if you are going to give a favor, make it something you can either 1.Eat, or 2. Drink. You can never go wrong!

This is the cutest idea for a simple and adorable DIY project. For all you winter weddings, a hot chocolate favor is perfection!

{photo via oven love}

Honeymoon Hotspot: Blue Palace Luxury Resort and Spa, Greece


Two Honeymoon Hot Spots in 1 week! I just had to brighten it up a bit around here. With all the snow and Christmas talk I just had to bring myself to the warm weather. And if you thought you had seen all that Greece had to offer here, then you need to look at Blue Palace Luxury Resort and Spa. These photos will make you forget all about the holidays and make you want to just buy a bathing suit and a plane ticket.