Ideal Wedding Setting


I'm sure everyone has had thoughts (whether you are single, engaged, or already married) on your idea of the perfect place to get married. For those of you who are married, maybe it's a place you discovered after you got married. For those of you who are engaged, it may be a place your unable to afford. And then finally, for those of you who are patiently waiting, maybe it's the place you have always dreamed of.  

Here it is.

A night under the stars. The lighting is perfect. It is one of the most important elements to creating the perfect mood. I love the string of lights that dangles above the guests and the up lighting that makes the space feel warm and inviting. This scene is the perfect canvas to making the night whatever you want it to be.

Unfortunately for me, I am cursed with a little thing called: it rains on every big occasion I have ever. had. You name it, and it has rained. High School Graduation, College Graduation, College Graduation Party, 21st Birthday. Rain, Rain, Rain Rain Rain. I fear that if I dare to ever have an outdoor wedding, it will rain.

Until the day comes that I am faced with this decision, I will envision a night that looks like this.

{photo via Style Me Pretty}

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