Crystal Springs


I was so excited to go on this site visit to Crystal Springs with my June 2011 bride Ashley. I had heard such wonderful things about the grounds and I could not wait to see it for myself.

I was eager to get there. Maybe a little to eager. I ended up driving a wee bit too far. And when I mean a wee bit, I mean10 miles. Once I hit the cows, goats and horses I knew it was about time to turn around.

When I finally arrived, I was so excited. Ashley and her Mom showed me the entire place, and I just. loved. where the ceremony is going to be taking place. The pond, the mountains in the background, the landscape. It was amazing.

Then we came across:

It's official. I'm in love. The only thing I did not get a photo of was the indoor pool and enormous water slide. So fun!

Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better,

Ahh. What a great way to end the trip. So excited for June 4, 2011!

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