Valentine's Day Letterpress


With all the love in the air at the Bridal Show this weekend, I was inspired to write about Valentines Day. Then I started thinking.. "Should I write about candy.. should I write about lingerie.. should I write about.... STATIONARY!" I am such a loser for letterpress. My business cards are letterpress (and yes, I brag about them ALL the time. Hi Invited Ink!) and I order letterpress anything at every chance I get. I was on Etsy when I looked up Valentines Day Letterpress, and spotted these fabulous pieces of work!
I LOVED this card! It caught my eye immediately. How can you not love a card that looks like that?! It was created by Shane and Janelle Paisley over at Paisley Dog Press!
These cards made by Lisa over at Missive are perfection. I love the simplicity. Their so pretty you almost don't want to write on them!
How cute is this card?! It makes me feel like a kid all over again! (or in Wedding Crashers asking someone to dance with me).

This one little card managed to have Marvin Gaye stuck in my head all...after...noon. But I didn't mind! Better then some other songs that could have been stuck up there! =) Both cards made by Brandi at Sweet Harvey Letterpress!

I loved these 2 cards by Wild Ink Press! Since I love to send cards (I think there is something to be said about hand written cards. I do it at every chance I get) these would totally be something I would send to my girlfriends. The shades of pink add that touch of girliness that I just can't get enough of! Well done Rebekah! =)


Anonymous said...

Great feature - thank you so much for including my work! I love that sweetiepie card!

Invited Ink said...

Erin, you rock! :o) I am in love with the 'Do you like me?' cards, they are just to stinking cute! My Grandmother just moved into assisted living and she is so excited to hand out Valentines, this makes me feel bad that I didn't make them for her! :o)

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