Bridesmaid Do's, Don'ts, and Dresses


Being a Bridesmaid is no small task. Its fun and exciting, but can also be time consuming and costly. I think that a lot of women think "great, more money I can't afford to spend" or "what dress am I going to get stuck in this time". And you know what I say to that? WHO. CARES. You were just asked to be apart of one of if not the most important days of your Sisters/Future SIL/Friends/Whomevers life! You should be honored and excited to share in the memory.

On that note, I felt it was necessary to share my opinion on Bridesmaid Do's, Don'ts, and Dresses.

Do: Grin and bear it. The dress you are given is something that the Bride loves. Plus, everyone knows that you (most likely) didn't pick it out. So quit complaining that it's not your style. It's not always meant to be!

Don't: Tell her it's ugly and that you refuse to be in the wedding if you have to wear it. (eh-hem. Can we say...selfish?)

Different style dresses=DO!
Do: Make a friendly suggestion. If the dress really is an eye sore and all the other Bridesmaids are also borderline mortified, maybe suggest a dress in the same color or a similar style. Heck- she might end up liking it better! Unless she is set in her ways and goes Bridezilla on you. (In my book- Bridezillas are a Don't)

Do: Assist in the planning of the Bridal Shower. There is nothing worse than a Bridesmaid who isn't the least bit interested in helping everyone else.

Different Shoes=DO!
Don't: Show up late to the shower. Your a Bridesmaid, you should be one of the 1st there!
Do: Relax and enjoy the experience!

Don't: Enjoy too much and over indulge in cocktails. Especially at the rehearsal. Being hung over the day of the wedding isn't a good look for anyone.
I'm sorry. I just had to.

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