April Showers... and Rainy Weddings


The weather here in NJ was pretty dreary when I started to put together this post. Since then it has seemed to clear up quite nicely! Nonetheless- one who plans to have their wedding outside, needs to always, and I mean always, have a back up plan. 

5 tips:

-Discuss this at length with your wedding planner, onsite coordinator, and anyone else who this would affect. 
-Make sure that an established floor plan is in place (especially if the ceremony will need to take place in the same room as the reception).
-If the weatherman says there is more than a 60% chance of rain, don't take the chance. 
-You may need to add extra details if it rains (like drapery for the above point). Luckily, some lighting techs offer this service. Consider this when you are picking your vendors.
-Dont let it ruin your day!! If you prepare the best you can, then that's all you can do. Unfortunately, none of us can control mother nature. At the end of the day, it's not about the weather. It's about you and your fiance, and that wont change. 

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