Newly Engaged Breakfast!!


Plate and Glassware: Crate and Barrel

Some newly engaged couples are new to cooking for two. Or cooking at all! Don't be alarmed. I have some super fun and easy recipes that will make your microwaveable college days seem so far away. 

These Banana and Raspberry Jam Pancakes taste a-mazing and are so simple to make. 

1. Take Bisquick Shake 'n Pour (6-8 serving size) and add 2/3 cup of seltzer. 
The seltzer makes the pancakes extra fluffy!
2. Take half a banana (or full depending on your liking) and mash till smooth
3. Combine banana and batter
4. Pour batter into buttered pan on medium heat
5. Give pancakes about a minute and a half on each side or until golden brown.
6. Top with mashed Smucker's Raspberry Jam and favorite syrup
7. Finished it off with freshly sliced bananas. 

The consistency of the banana in the pancake is so stinkin' good. Then that extra hint of sweetness with the raspberry jam is amazing. 

*Note for newly engaged couples: the coffee is my iced venti skim latte, poured into a stemless glass. Classy. =)


Petronella said...

Erin, gorgeous site! I can't wait to meet you at MTH this week!

Erin said...

Thank you so much!!! See you tomorrow!! =)

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