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"I've found that when you combine the relaxing sounds of the ocean, the soft white sand beneath your bare feet, and a refreshing glass of crisp sauvignon blanc or sparkling soda, the stress of the day or week quickly fades away".

Jacqueline Whitmore
Poised for Success

I have been reading the book, Poised for Success, and it has truly opened my eyes in more ways then I had anticipated. It's made me realize what more I can be providing for my clients. 

When I had made my list of things I had wanted my clients to remember me for,  at the top of my list wasn't just creating an amazing wedding day, but creating an amazing planning experience. 

I know that career stress paired with everyday life can get even the most organized and excited bride stressed out every now and again. But that's where I want to come in. I want to be an escape from all the stress and havoc life brings. Wouldn't you much rather enjoy planning your wedding over a latte at your most favorite cozy cafe, or maybe even over a tasty beverage on a warm summer day at the beach? THAT'S the experience I want to create. I want couples to look back on their wedding and the months leading up to it as the fun and exciting time that it actually is. 

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