Garter and Bouquet Toss Traditions- Past or Present?


This is becoming a common question: Do I HAVE to do the garter and bouquet toss? My answer? Absolutely not! They are becoming a thing of the past.

Nothing is standard these days. There are and will always be traditions, but if there are certain ones you want to avoid (like this) you most definitely can. I actually find that it tends to break up the feel of the evening. If your all finished with dinner and everyone is on the dance floor (filled with some liquid confidence) and then all of the sudden: bouquet toss! All the non single ladies are off the floor, and chances are- it's staying that way!

But these traditions are not all bad. I must say, with the right crowd and couple- this tradition can be hysterical. With the wrong crowd it's either drawn out, inappropriate, or in plain English. Boring.

Tradition is a funny thing. A lot of the time people do what is expected of them, as oppose to what they want. My suggestion to all the brides and grooms who are thinking about these traditions- do what has value to you. If your father daughter dance is something that you have always wanted to do- but you couldn't care less about the tosses, then do what makes you happy. What has value and meaning to you, has value and meaning to your guests.

And P.S: Have you seen garters these days?! This garter was created by Florriemittons and is GORGEOUS! If that were my garter, it's never coming off- led alone tossed!

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