"The little things in life..."


I LOVE thoughtful wedding details. There is a saying you all might know and it's called "the little things in life", and oh how true it is!

There are a million different ways that a couple can make their wedding a true reflection of who they are as a couple and their personal styles. Here are some different elements that each couple can add their own special touch to:

Personalized Stamps
Calligraphy anythinggg! (I love calligraphy, so what)
Personalized Napkins
Custom Drink Stirrers
Candy Bar (I mean who doesn't want one of these?)
Welcome Bags
Custom Cocktails
Creative Escort Card setup
Table Numbers (or names, or places, or things, you get the hint!)
Custom Signage
Floral initials
Accommodation Baskets

The list could really just go on. Making a wedding a reflection of who you are and your styles shouldn't be a task that you dread doing or find unimportant. This is the fun part!!! So relax a little bit and have some fun with it!

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