Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party 2010, Part 1


I cannot even begin to explain what a wonderful time I had at the Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party last night! From the second I walked in the door I knew that this was going to be an experience.  As soon as you stepped off the elevator, Elan Artists was playing and they completely set the mood for the entire evening. Then as I rounded the corner, I spotted Sylvia Weinstock. I have always read so much about her and recently caught her on an episode of Bravo's Just Desserts. I wanted to run right up to her (along with Martha herself, Darcy Miller, Lara Casey, Randy Fenoli, Mark Ingram.. you get the picture!)  and introduce myself. But I tried to contain myself. =)

Then you walked into a sparkly heaven. There was glitter everywhere! The chandelier was amazing. The dim room light reflected off it perfectly.

My first table stop was over to Tribeca Treats and Bella Cupcake Couture. Their desserts were to die for! I was able to meet Rachel Schifter, the author of Sweet Chic and owner of Tribeca Treats. She was so sweet! I can't wait to buy the book!

Then there were pipecleaner rings. I had seen these on the blogs of those who attended Martha Stewart's 15th Anniversary Party and was so excited that she was there again! How cleaver are these rings!?

Waiters walked around with scrumptious drinks and bite size h'ordeuvres that were to die for. The presentation was truly amazing!

Ah. Lavender Sachets by The Wedding Library. This table smelled phenomenal. There is something about lavender that just puts my heart at ease!

Smilebooth was there!! Lindsey (my date for the evening!) and I were so excited. It was also nice because Ashley, my June bride and her fiance Keith are itching to have them at their wedding! It was nice to have a test run. Also because I feel like I am the only person who has never been to an event where they have been! Got Cake?

This yummy dessert table by Sandals had all my favorites. And I am just a sucker for a white candy table.

Then there was the calligraphy of Neither Snow. Mara was so kind and her work is stunning. Lindsey and I had to make multiple trips to her table because she was always so crowded!

There were so many great things that I just could not capture with my camera quick enough. Part 2 will take you through the tour of Martha's office's that we were given right before we left. Stay tuned!


Life As Lindsey said...

I'm Famous.

Alice said...

ooh looked like a great event! i would have gone crazy taking pictures of all the little trinkets.

Erin said...

Alice you would have LOVEDDD it! I couldnt take pictures fast enough! =)

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