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Ah. A woman could never be without her make up (I know at least I could never be without mine!). Choosing your wedding day hair and make up can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. Some girls prefer to use interns (will most likely be cheaper), some girls prefer only those with a ton of experience, and some girls don't trust anyone else other than themselves to apply their make just as they want it.

Since I haven't touched on this too much, I decided to chat with friend and hair and make up artist Sara Faella-Rockett (a recent bride herself!) and have her fill me in on all that she does.

EAE: How did you get started in Wedding Hair and Make Up?

SFR: I jumped into the wedding industry while working for my first salon in 2003 at 19 years old in Warwick, RI but really got knee deep when I opened my first spa in the summer of 2008, Faella Day Spa also in Warwick, RI from there I expanded my on location business, re-invented myself and opened Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist studio June 2010 in Westerly, RI.

EAE: What kind of make up do you use on your brides?

SFR: For my brides, I prefer to use "camera ready" products. These are products and brands that are made for production, film, flash photography etc etc. My foundation favorites would have to be HD Creams from Eve Pearl (5x Emmy winner for Makeup Artistry), HD Liquids from Make-Up Forever (MUFE), Temptu Pro Airbrush S/B foundation collections (which is HD comparable) and of course my line Sara Faella! As far as high pigment colors I love Nars Orgasm collection and MAC cosmetics (but really who doesn't love MAC?!)

EAE: You recently were just married yourself- congratulations!! How did you choose what do with your hair and make up?

SFR: I did!! Thank you so much! It's been a fairy tale dream come true! I had a very private ceremony on the beach in Westerly, RI.

So every time I assess a bride, even on the day of my wedding this on image comes into my mind and it's a photo of my great grandmother from Naples, Italy and she looks like the way I would want to look; classy, timeless and romantic. I wouldn't want my children twenty years from now to say, "what were you thinking" I want them to feel exactly the way I do when I see my Great Grandmother Faella.

So deciding for myself it was easy, I just do what I do everyday and what I'm known for, just simply classy, timeless and romantic.

 EAE: You also create couture pieces as well- how do you come up with your designs?

SFR: I do! Each collection I create and inspire to design comes from the simplest thing from a flower to a fabric to a stray thought from day dreaming.

Once I have a set theme for my collection the research begins. My last collection, The Couture Costume Collection was inspired from Old Vegas and what better way to research than to actually go! So I did! April 2010 I was so there going from hotel to hotel from show to show and it was perfect. Three months later the Fall Costume Collection preview launched drenched in gold and kissed with glamour, Old Vegas to the stars.

 Next collection, **brace yourself** Men's Couture Ties!

EAE: When your not working, what else do you like to do?

SFR: Oh wait I have a day off? I didn't get that memo! ;)

Every spare moment is for my one year old son and my new husband! Just being home with my family is complete lush for me, even if it's for a few hours at night.

EAE: Any advice/tips to brides??

SFR: Absolutely!

1. Try not to leave Hair and Makeup as a last priority when organizing your wedding! Your beautiful face will be in every photo forever! I think the biggest splurges are Hair, Makeup and Photographer/Videographer (and of course, book the most amazing event planner Erin Ax)
 2. Beauty Tip-if you don't have sensitive skin ask your makeup artist to use HD makeup and/or Airbrush applications.
 3. Beauty Tip-Never match your eye color to your eyeshadow! Use it's complimentary colors ie blue eyes use brown shadows, brown eyes use greens and hazel eyes use purples...just to name a few.
 4. Beauty Tip-Eye Lash Extensions are a must!! The perfect naturally dramatic affect for all weddings!
 5. Hair Tip-don't wash your hair the morning of, dirty hair is the best hair to work with.
6. Accessory Tip-Feathers are so in!! Think vintage era's for that wow factor to complete your look!
Big, big thank you to Sara for sharing all this great information!! =)

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Amazing!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share
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~Sara Faella (Rockett!)
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