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Whether your getting married, in a wedding, attending a wedding, or are just plain old pale- this is the perfect article for you. I had the pleasure of getting insider sunless tan tips from one of New York's best. Meredith Fish, owner of Brownberry NYC, answers our most frequently asked spray tanning questions.

Erin: How many days before [a wedding] should I start?

Meredith: Everyone's skin is different so I always suggest a trial first. That
way you can see exactly how you like the color the 1st, 2nd, 3rd day
post-application and best determine when to book before the big day.

Erin: What prep do I need before hand?

Meredith: Shower, lightly exfoliate (don't want to dry out your skin as you
shouldn't apply any lotions prior to application), and do any waxing

Erin: How do I make sure it won't rub off on my wedding dress?

Meredith: Be sure to use a clear solution and test it out beforehand by wearing
a white shirt once you've showered off the formula the next day or so.
Not all solutions are created equal!

Erin: How do I ensure even application?

Meredith: Go to a professional who can apply/customize the color for you! Booths
are riskier. It's worth the splurge for your wedding day.

Erin: How long does it typically last?

Meredith: A quality spray tan will last 5-8 days. You also can preserve your
color by moisturizing, avoiding exfoliating creams and not spending
too much time in the pool, shower, bath or excessively sweating at the
gym! A good indication of how long you hold a spray tan is similar to
how long you hold a bona fied suntan. Everyone skin exfoliation
process is different.

Thank you so much Meredith!!


clair said...

Exfoliating the skin is an important step to getting an even looking tan. I found that when I exfoliate the self tanner product is much easier to apply and looks better. Exfoliating the skin removes the dead skin cells so your skin absorbs products better. I recently found some great self tanners that don't streak or give you that orange color so I am ready for summer. I have lost weight too so I looking forward to those cute summer cloths.

grace said...

I agree exfoliating definitely helps - you should exfoliate at least twice a month.

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