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I was prompted to write this post after several eye openers today. I had a coffee date with a dear friend and vendor, then read ltdLIVE on the train ride home, to then find myself seeing this post by Emily Ley. 

As a business owner doing it all on my own, branding and finding my ideal client has definitely taken not only trial and error, but years of figuring out what it is I don't want. Today I believe I am ready to acknowledge who it is I am trying to reach. 

"My ideal client and friend is in her mid to late twenties, and believes in clean, understated elegance. She pairs J.Crew cashmere with a Tory Burch clutch, and enjoys her lattes in a venti cup. Her planner that manages her busy and fulfilling life is neatly tucked into her Louis Vuitton never full alongside her iPhone, lip gloss, and sunglasses. She knows how get gussied up in her little black dress for a candle lit evening, but still adores her ripped jeans and baseball tee when attending a sporting event with her fiance. She loves Sunday meetings over mimosa's and brunch, and casual coffee dates with friends and loved ones (pastries included). She appreciates and believes in thoughtful, hand written notes, and is always the first to send a birthday card. She is decisive while still being open to being inspired. She understands the true meaning of friendship, and knows that life is too short to cry over spilled milk."

"“She” doesn’t exist as a REAL person, rather the description of her describes who I want as part of my life – professionally or personally". Perfectly put by Ms Emily herself. 

After having done this today, I am ready and willing to shape my brand, communications, collateral, and interactions to attract and connect with "her". I look forward to meeting her (and you). 


Ashley said...

Ahh-mazing. Love this!

Erin said...

Thanks Ashley! =)

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