Untamed Petals and Lo Boheme Trunk Show


I was so excited to attend this trunk show. Not only because I was in need of a blinged out accessories fix, but because it was 1. a trip to the city. and 2. at Bridal Boutique that I have been dying to make a trip to. I have heard such wonderful things about Lovely Bridal in the West Village and I was so eager to go! I walked in to the cutest little boutique and was immediately introduce to chilled glass of wine, an atmosphere that embodied my idea of a quentessential New York boutique (accompanied by a live violinist) and a ton of fabulous dresses and accessories. Here are some of the photos that I was able to take before my camera decided it was finished for the evening.

Untamed Petals and Lo Boheme have wonderful collections and I don't think that there was anything that I saw that I didn't love. If you are looking for vintage inspired pieces, these are the places to turn to!! And a big thank you to Lovely Bridal for the "lovely" evening!

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