Welcome Bag Elements


Nothin beats a bag full of goodies when you check into a hotel right before a wedding. It's a nice way to kick off your guest's stay- especially when the people that are staying at the hotels just traveled a distance to be there for you!

So what goes inside? There are some items that should be included, but it really is whatever your creative little heart desires. Here are some theme friendly bag idea's for an NYC and Beach Wedding.

Bottle of Voss H20: There should be some kind of drink in a Welcome Bag, water being the best). Why not make it a bottle of Voss. Sleek and chic, just like NYC.
Small snack (personal bag of pretzels or pita chips- something to munch on)
Local Attractions: Your options are endless. There is always something to do and see, whether it's going to the top of the Empire State Building or taking a boat ride on the Hudson. If your guests plan on doing some sight seeing- sharing your insight is nice touch.
Metro Card: Make em' feel like a New Yorker! Give your guest's a Metro Card along with their itinerary (and with directions, of course!) so that they don't have to spend a ton on cab fairs. I'm sure they have done that much already!
NY Magazine/NY Times: Put them in a New York state of mind! (I know, I use this phrase a lot. It just always seems to work!).

Everything can be wrapped up in a white bag with a ribbon handle. Add a little detail with a custom sticker on the front with your names and wedding date. How does a white sticker with the silhouette of an NYC Taxi or an Apple sound?

Bottle of Figi H20: The label adds that extra bit of a beachy feel!
Small Snack (again, can't go wrong with a personal bag of pretzels or sun chips)
Beach Towel: Chances are, someone forgot their beach towel (been there, done that). Give your guests a beach towel with your wedding date or monogram embroidered!
Sun Screen: You can never have enough!
Local Attractions: If your having a destination wedding and your guest's are turning your wedding into a mini vaca- let them know whats available to them! Swimming with the dolphins, excursions, restaurants, spas, etc.
Under Water Camera: No caption needed, just fun!

Everything can be wrapped up in a personalized canvas tote that can be used as a beach bag. This is just a gift that keeps on giving!

There are a ton of different elements that can be included in a Wedding Welcome Bag. They can be suitable on all budgets and are a fun extra to give to your guests!

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