Bridesmaids Gifts


How many gifts have you received from friends and family for being in their wedding and just thought "Really?" I know some of you have!  =)

Unfortunately, I think that most brides come the month of their wedding are completely stressed out with all of the other million and one details that they need to remember, that they actually forget to get gifts! That's when panic sets in. "What I get?" "How much can I spend?" "Do I have any time to actually go and get gifts?"

Here are 3 quick and fabulous bridesmaid gift ideas.

Tiffany's LOVE necklace: $150.
Perfect gift for your Maid of Honor (or all your bridesmaids!) One stop shop!

Wedding Day Hair and Make Up!
If your budget allows, treat your ladies to hair and make up, on you. No running around required!
{photo via Sara Faella}

A day at the spa.
Have you ever heard a woman complain about a mani/pedi as a gift? I haven't!

And of course without saying- flowers, and a heart felt, hand written thank you card can go a long way. No matter what gift it is that you give, a sincere thank you is the best gift of all (but a Tiffany necklace wouldn't hurt either!) =) 

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