Honeymoon Hotspot, Mandarin Oriental Hotel- New York City


Believe it or not, there are couples who choose not to go to an island or a beautiful beach spot for their honeymoon. Totally ok. And there are also those folks who take 2 (yes, 2- be jealous) honeymoons. For those couples who aren't spoiled like us tristate area individuals- New York is the perfect place to travel to for new experiences together (trust me, you walk away learning something new everyday, for sure).

If you are having a fall wedding, and want to travel to NYC- you need to look into the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Pricey- but the views alone are worth every penny. Look at this picture below over looking Central Park. Is that not amazing? With the tree's changing color, it's perfection. And the rooms and amenities? They aren't so bad either. =)


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