Wedding Detail: Sparklers


{photo via wedding bee}

I mean come. on. Sparklers are my favoriteeeee. They photograph so amazingly and are the perfect alternative to anything that would make a mess. When getting married in a church, they will most likely not allow the throwing of rice, flower petals, or any bubbles (too messy!). Sparklers are simple, gorgeous, and add extra shimmer to an already *sparkling* day.

Special Delivery!


We just received our Holiday Cards!! I was so super excited to see them at my door step today. They are gorgeous letterpress cards by Lisa at Missive. Her work is fab.u.lous. Everything she creates is so simple- it's perfect.

Can't wait to get these sent out!!

It's Party Season!

Ah. Holiday Parties. There isn't a thing that I dislike about them. One of the things I enjoy the most is actually receiving the invite! I tell all who will listen, that one of the most important pieces to throwing a good party, is the invite. That is the first glimpse into the event! Get everyone excited with a fabulous invite. Which invite below looks like it would have the best party? I know mine! =)

{via minted}

Best Holiday Weekend


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know that I am a few days late, but it has been one crazy couple of days!! Family parties, weddings, the works. This (meaning from Thanksgiving to New Years) really is the best time of the year. Hoping you all had yummy Thanksgivings, and here's to a Merry Holiday season!! =)

Bridesmaids Gifts


How many gifts have you received from friends and family for being in their wedding and just thought "Really?" I know some of you have!  =)

Unfortunately, I think that most brides come the month of their wedding are completely stressed out with all of the other million and one details that they need to remember, that they actually forget to get gifts! That's when panic sets in. "What I get?" "How much can I spend?" "Do I have any time to actually go and get gifts?"

Here are 3 quick and fabulous bridesmaid gift ideas.

Tiffany's LOVE necklace: $150.
Perfect gift for your Maid of Honor (or all your bridesmaids!) One stop shop!

Wedding Day Hair and Make Up!
If your budget allows, treat your ladies to hair and make up, on you. No running around required!
{photo via Sara Faella}

A day at the spa.
Have you ever heard a woman complain about a mani/pedi as a gift? I haven't!

And of course without saying- flowers, and a heart felt, hand written thank you card can go a long way. No matter what gift it is that you give, a sincere thank you is the best gift of all (but a Tiffany necklace wouldn't hurt either!) =) 

Venue of the Week: 620 Loft and Garden, NYC


From the second I laid eyes on this venue, I was in love. 620 Loft and Garden is located at Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center. The view is amazing and it is the perfect place for an intimate reception or party venue. It can host 120 for a seated meal 365 days a year.

During the holiday season, it overlooks the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink and the world famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. If this doesn't scream perfect setting for a holiday celebration- I don't know what does!

{photos via Top of the Rock}

Thanksgiving Dinner Table


Even though I am super excited for the holidays, I really hate that thanksgiving always gets overlooked. The fall is my favorite time of year, and I have made a conscious effort to not get too crazed about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I think I've done well so far!

Being an event planner, I have always been a sucker for the details of design. I always loved to look at Country Living , Martha Stewart Home, and all those other fabulous magazines that give you insight to what this years table scape should or could look like. For anyone who is like me and comes from an absolutely enormous family (yes- my mother will be having over 30 people in her house this year for thanksgiving!) you don't even think about place settings, decorating the table,  and all that fun stuff. Your lucky if you can fit in one room together, led alone all at 1 table!

BUT, a girl can still adore table designs- no? =)

pictures found {here}

picture found {here}

Bite-sized pumpkin pies


Entertaining the kiddies this Thanksgiving? Be sure make them these superb bite sized pumpkin pies! Aren't they adorable!? I love them!! Found this on What life is made of... -but created by One Charming Party. Just perfect.

Wedding Detail: Hanging Votives


Between you and me, hanging votives don't always look good. Sometimes I find that the rope or hook is too short, making it look awkward, or the shape of the votive is... eh... not the best. But these are amazing. To be honest, I don't think that Details Details does anything that isn't amazing. I have been a fan of theirs for a few years now. This is their work below. How dainty and beautiful is this card table? I love everything about it!

Honeymoon Hotspot, Mandarin Oriental Hotel- New York City


Believe it or not, there are couples who choose not to go to an island or a beautiful beach spot for their honeymoon. Totally ok. And there are also those folks who take 2 (yes, 2- be jealous) honeymoons. For those couples who aren't spoiled like us tristate area individuals- New York is the perfect place to travel to for new experiences together (trust me, you walk away learning something new everyday, for sure).

If you are having a fall wedding, and want to travel to NYC- you need to look into the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Pricey- but the views alone are worth every penny. Look at this picture below over looking Central Park. Is that not amazing? With the tree's changing color, it's perfection. And the rooms and amenities? They aren't so bad either. =)


Fun Holiday Recipe: Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes


So, I initially had a completely different post planned for today, but due to a few technical difficulties, my Honeymoon Hot Spot will be posted tomorrow. So be sure to check back! The photos are amazing.

I spotted this post on bloglovin via Joy the Baker, and even though it kinda reminds me of Christmas (yes, I am super pumped for the holidays this year!) I needed to share.  

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

adapted just slightly from Spike Mendelsohn’s recipe

makes two small or one large milkshake
8-10 large marshmallows

3 large scoops vanilla ice cream or a heaping 1-cup of vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup of milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place marshmallows on skewer and toast until slightly charred over a gas flame. If you don’t have skewers or a gas range, you can toast the marshmallows on a sheet tray in the broiler for 2 or 3 minutes. Keep an eye on the marshmallows as they’re in the oven. They’re liable to burst into marshmallow flames pretty quick. Place on a plate to cool slightly.

In a blender mix together ice cream, milk, vanilla extract and toasted marshmallows. Save one or two toasted marshmallows to top the milkshake(s). Blend well. For a thinner milkshake add more milk. If you’d like it a bit thicker… add more ice cream. Pour into glasses and top with toasted marshmallows. Enjoy on the quick.

NYC Engagegment Photos


There is just something about engagement photos in the city that get me every time. No matter where you are, your background just seems to work. And then when you have Maggie Harkov as your photographer, it's guaranteed success. Maggie always seems to capture that perfect moment in every photo.

Jenn and Tobie's engagement photos are delightful. So excited to see their wedding photos. =)

Big Apple Cobbler Cocktail


I found this yummy fall cocktail recipe on This cocktail is served at Libation in the East Village. I have been there a few times and have to say, it is such a great place to go with your girlfriends! The music is fantabulous (right Meg?)


1 1/2 oz. Maker's Mark Bourbon
1/2 oz. apple schnapps

apple cider

ginger ale

fresh apple
Pour bourbon and apple schnapps into a glass filled of ice, and then fill with apple cider. Top it off with a splash of ginger ale and garnish with apple slices. Yummm!

Things We Love, kate spade

My kate spade obsession is at an all time high now that I have come across this post by Felt and Wirekate spade has come out with a new book, a spin off of their online series that they have been doing for over 2 years now titled, Things We Love. It is a compilation of all things fabulous, wonderful, and naturally, loved by kate spade.